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is fun and easy.

A Casual Professionals group that meets at a bar near the theater for drinks with the Echo Theatre producers before our 2nd Thursday night shows and our Free Play Readings.

Enjoy Insider chat about the play then it's off to the Bath House Cultural Center to catch the 7:30pm curtain. Talkback with the actors post-show! $15 a ticket in 2024.

Bring your friends and meet some fun, new ones.

Club Meetings: 2nd Thursdays of every Echo show run.

2024 Dates: February 15 for "Feeding the Cat..."

May 16 for "Beyond the Yellow Wallpaper"

September 19 for "The Secret Keepers"

Club Dues: $15 per show for your Thursday Night ticket.

Club President: Caroline Hamilton, Echo Associate Producer

BONUS: Theater Club members also attend
Echo Reads FREE staged play readings!
No official meetings, with talkbacks after the show.
3 scripts, each read twice - Theater or Non-Traditional - your choice!

Step 1: Sign up as a Theater Club Member!

Step 2: Buy your main stage tickets HERE


6:00pm - Optional: Dinner. Bar None picks up your first wine or beer with entree order. Show waiter your ticket confirmation.

6:30pm - Meeting called to order at Bar None. BuyYODrinks.

7:00pm - Drive to Bath House Cultural Center 3 minutes away.

7:30pm - Curtain

8:40pm - Talkback with the acting and creative teams.

9:00pm - Driving home and So Glad You Went!

Y'all! Time to get up off the couch.

Can't wait to see you there!

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