The Big Shout Out is our occasional call for entries for new work submissions, traditionally full-length plays by women+.

Echo Theatre's BIG SHOUT OUT 3
International New Play Contest for Women+* Playwrights
Call for Entries NOW through 11:59 pm August 15, 2021!
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    If you are a male playwright

     you may not apply for this contest.

                         Everyone else is invited to enter one play or play-with-music to      

Echo Theatre's BIG SHOUT OUT 3 International New Play Contest.

​Scripts must be a minimum of 45-minute one-acts to full-length scripts.

No musicals** or 10-minute plays will be considered for this year's contest.


The Contest Winner receives a $1000 Royalty and Echo will present the winning play either as a workshop production or a mainstage regional premiere*** in Echo Theatre's 24th Season, which runs during the 2022 calendar year.

Finalist Honorees each receive a $150 Royalty from Echo to present the Finalist scripts one to two times in our 2022 Echo Reads Performance Reading Series.


Ooohhh! Fine Print!      * About women+: We recognize the limiting nature of the binary use of the word “woman.” We use

the term “women-plus” to include an expansive and diverse array of people; including those

born female, those who identify as women, and those who who are gender non-conforming.

** If your script identifies singers' ranges and requires musical direction and instrumental

accompaniment, we consider it to be a musical, which is not our area of expertise.

*** Depending on our assessment of the script's state of readiness for production.

Call for Entries is NOW through 11:59 pm August 15, 2021.


Via Email to:



  • Please submit three items via email:

    • your script without your name in it

    • our submission form (above right)

    • a separate document with your bio

  • We are requesting Digital Submissions Only. No Paper copies accepted.

  • This is a Blind Reading Contest; please no scripts with your name on them. (This is so that we aren't judging influenced by anyone's reputation or a past relationship with a playwright.)

  • Our Contest Staff will log your entry and reply to you that we received it.

  • We ask that you please limit your submission to one play per playwright.

  • Scripts should be unpublished and past workshop productions are fine.

  • Scripts should be primarily written for English-language audiences

            (Other languages may be in the script, as long as English is the primary language.)

  • Every submission will be read and assigned points for story/theme, form, language/dialogue, theatricality and aspects unique to itself.

  • Please submit full scripts; no synopses or treatments. Thanks.

  • All cast sizes are considered. Past Winners' cast sizes ranged from 2 to 13.


There are no fees to enter THE BIG SHOUT OUT 3. 

Thanks for your interest!

A Note to Playwrights...

Echo Theatre enjoys plays that encourage learning, growing, and evolving together as people and as an institution. We look for work that cries out to be performed in a theatrical setting. Whether your script is an experiment in form and language, a comedy, a drama, a work about historical characters, or a new translation, we pledge to produce rich and compelling creative work with high quality artistic effort.

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Winners of the 2019 Big Shout Out Special Project: #WRITENOW

HEAR ME: Voices of #MeToo

Curated and Directed by Kateri Cale

Echo Theatre at 2019 Burning Woman (2).j

In response to the #metoo and #timesup movements, Echo Theatre called for monologues and devised a compelling new work distilled from 14 diverse female stories on sexual harassment. Click HERE to visit 2019's Voices of #MeToo.

Winner of the Big Shout Out 2



by Briana Pozner


"Everyday Super-Heroes Fighting Modern Day Demons"

Directed by Terri Ferguson


September 10-26, 2015


Bath House Cultural Center / White Rock Lake Park


Flo - Chandler Ryan

Greg - Matt Holmes



Producer/Stage Manager - Alett Gray

Tech Director - Bryan Douglas

Master Electrician/Carpenter - Alexander Ferguson

Set Design - Randy Bonifay

Light Design - Bob McVay

Sound Design - Graeme Bice

Costume Design - Melissa Perkins

Co-Prop Design - Lynn Mauldin and Rebekka Koepke

Box Office - Jordan Willis

Box Office - Alett Gray

Board Op - Jon Leitch


Winner of the Big Shout Out 1 (Three-Way Tie)

Eppler Best (3).JPG



by Isabella Russell-Ides 

"What if the Myths we Believe in, Believe in Us?"

Directed by Pam Myers-Morgan


February 9-25, 2012


Bath House Cultural Center / White Rock Lake Park


Sister Mary Extraordinary - Ellen Locy

Sister Merry Berry - Kateri Cale

Sister Subordinary - Lisa Anne Haram

Luce - David Lugo

Kilowatt - David Meglino

Conrad Epplar - Jennings Humphries

Alethia - Kylie Zeko

Roica - Matthew Clark

Miss Demeanor - Miller Pyke

Honeycomb/Epiphany - Tatum Zeko

Honeycomb/Epiphany - Wendy Blackburn

Wing Sergeant - Tamitha Curiel

Wing Sergeant - Stephanie Butler


Producer -Terri Ferguson

Production Assistant - James Stroman

Asst. Director - Carolyn McCormick

Stage Manager - Jordan Willis

Asst. Stage Manager - Alett Gray

Set Design - Christopher Jenkins

Light Design - Jaymes Gregory

Sound Design - Graeme Bice

Costume Design - Ryan Matthieu Smith

Co-Prop Design - Rebekka Koepke and Lynn Mauldin


Winner of the Big Shout Out 1 (Three-Way Tie)



by Cathy Tempelsman 

"Is George Eliot - the most popular writer of the age - secretly a woman, and living in sin?"

Directed by David Meglino


September 8-24, 2011


Bath House Cultural Center / White Rock Lake Park


George Eliot - Emily Scott Banks

George Henry Lewes - Russell Schultz

Isaac Evans - Randy Pearlman

John Blackwood - Scott Milligan

Novel Woman - Morgan McClure

George Combs - Adrian S. Churchill

Barbara Bodichon - Jessica Cavanaugh

Herbert Spencer - Brian Witkowicz

Edward - Jordan Willis


Set Design - Cindy Ernst
Costume Design - Caitlin Rain
Lighting Design - Jaymes Gregory
Sound Design - Pam Myers-Morgan
Prop Design - Rebekka Koepke and Lynne Mauldin
Dialect Coach - Elly Lindsay
Board Operator - Bryan Douglas


Winner of the Big Shout Out 1 (Three-Way Tie)

Echo-Execut. 23.JPG


by Catherine Bush


"Once upon a time, there were four little boys who lived in the tower of London."


Directed by Terri Ferguson


February 5-19, 2011


Bath House Cultural Center / White Rock Lake Park


Henry Tatersall - Wm. Paul Williams

Kate Tatersall - Jessica Cavanagh

John Tatersall - Lily McCollum

Thomas Tatersall - Stuart Lee Williams

Prince Edward V - Jaxon Beeson

Richard, Duke of York - Marlhy Murphy

Duke of Gloucester - Kevin Moore

Lord Hastings - Jack O'Donnell

Shane Beeson - Hooded Henchman


Kateri Cale - Co-Producer

David Meglino - Co-Producer

Alett Gray - Stage Manager

Bryan Wofford - Set Designer

Ally Elsey - Costume Designer

Graeme Bice - Sound Designer

Jaymes Gregory - Lighting Designer

Tish Mussey - Properties Designer

Erin Keller - Dramaturg               

Bo Barron - Box Office Manager

Linda Marie Ford - Publicity Manager

Jessica Cavanagh - Patron Outreach Manager

Shane Beeson - Kid Wrangler

Lucas Barnes - Board Operator