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It's our FREE Ticket Program
for Essential Public Servants & Deserving Patrons.


Of course, Echo Reads and the Echo Offstage Podcast are FREE!
But did you know that Echo has provided FREE tickets for our Mainstage Shows to First Responders, Active/Retired Military, Nurses & Teachers for years?

We set aside 10 tickets to every performance for the Essential Public Servants listed PLUS patrons for whom the price of theater would currently be prohibitive.

We welcome you and invite you to the show.

In return we ask for your zip code, your demographic, & that
"Echo On," tell friends and family about the play you saw.

Must be Booked in Advance directly through our Box Office.
Email: Reservations@EchoTheatre.Org.

No need to mention the free ticket program when you pick up tickets.

Just give us your name to check in. See Box Office for show info and dates.

In your Email, please include:
1. Name to hold ticket(s) under at Box Office.
2. Date of the show you want to watch.
3. Would you like to reserve 1 ticket or 2?
4. Please include your zip code & demographic.

(First Responder, Deserving Patron, etc.) for grant reports.
- Patron Names will not be shared in grant reports. -

10 tickets available for every performance.
(Unclaimed tickets will be released at Showtime.)

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