Echo Theatre exists to Promote the
Unique Perspective that is the Female Voice.
Dallas-based Echo Theatre is the Southwest's premier theatrical organization dedicated to producing work created by women. We tackle difficult topics with sensitivity, embrace comedy with abandon, and explore all facets of the human condition from the uniquely female perspective. 

Founded in April 1998, Echo Theatre is based in Dallas, Texas and has built
a national reputation for excellence and collaboration with women playwrights.


Kateri Cale


In 1998, Kateri appeared in Echo Theatre's inaugural production, DREAM OF A COMMON LANGUAGE. Over the next ten years, she continued as a creative partner, appearing in seven shows and co-writing two. In 2008, Kateri officially joined forces with Echo Theatre as a producing partner. She served as Publicist, Designer, Echo Reads Producer, and continued to be an audience favorite onstage. Named Co-Artistic Director for two seasons during a transitional time for Echo, Kateri produced over 25 Echo Reads performance readings and salons and was instrumental in developing Echo Theatre’s Big Shout Out International New Play Contest for Women Playwrights.

Dallas audiences first met Kateri at Undermain Theatre where she was a company member for ten years. She has since appeared on many area stages, primarily at Shakespeare Dallas, and Echo Theatre. Kateri holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Performance from The College of Santa Fe.

Echo Creatives

Alett Gray / PRODUCER
[ Company Manager, Stage Manager ]
Elly Lindsay / PRODUCER
[ Echo Reads, Actor/Director ]
Eric Berg / PRODUCER
[ Echo Reads, Actor/Director ]
Randall Bonifay / PRODUCER
[ Echo Reads, Production ]

Board of Directors

Karen Bower Robinson


Karen Lorince


Robert G. McVay


Catherine Whiteman


Our Gratitude to Past Board Members

Suzy Blaylock      Laura Alpert     Daniel Tamez

Charles Beavers    Rebecca Brooks    Denise Lee    Luis Ortiz

Reverend Dr. Jo Hudson    James Zackey    W. Charles Pyke    Kathleen E. Palter

Artistic Leadership Timeline

April 2019 Kateri Cale named Managing Artistic Director. Producers include Alett Gray [Company Manager], Elly Lindsay, Eric Berg, and Randall Bonifay [Echo Reads Producers.]


2016 through 2018 Terri Ferguson served as Managing Artistic Director with Alett Gray as General Manager and Stephanie Butler as Administrative Assistant. Kateri Cale, Elly Lindsay, and Randall Bonifay served as Lead Producers.


2014 to 2016 A trio of producing partners were named Co-Artistic Directors: Kateri Cale, Terri Ferguson and Alett Gray.

1998 through 2014

Pam Myers-Morgan served as lead producing partner of Echo Theatre until she became Producing Partner Emeritus in 2014. Former Producing Partners are Suzy Blaylock, Linda Marie Ford, Michael Starcher, Lisa Taylor, Ellen Locy, Brandi Andrade, Jordan Willis, Terri Ferguson, and Stephanie Butler. Honored colleague: Bob Myers-Morgan.

Echo Theatre's Origin Story...

Once upon a time in Dallas, Texas, before Echo Theatre was a reality, director Pam Myers-Morgan and actress/producer Linda Marie Ford shopped a script around to several theater companies in town, hoping to garner interest in a show they wanted to produce. Set in 1874 Paris, DREAM OF A COMMON LANGUAGE by Heather McDonald explored the delicately complex balance between a woman's artistic calling, her family life, and the influence of societal constraints and expectations. The critically acclaimed play had been honored with six coveted Helen Hayes awards. Yet every theater they approached said it wasn't "their kind of play". Perplexed, the two made a list of all the positives - small cast; an interesting history play about Impressionist painters; strong, charismatic roles for women and men; written by an eloquent, witty woman; it even had tasteful, story-driven nudity for heaven's sake! Why in the world would it not be "their kind of play"? Thankfully for Dallas audiences, Pam, Linda, and colleague Suzy Blaylock decided it was precisely their kind of play and Echo Theatre was born. Dedicated to producing plays by women and embracing the themes of the first Echo production, the company has been producing excellent plays by women since 1998 while balancing art, family, and personal life.


Echo Theatre incorporated in the state of Texas in February, 1998 and received non-profit status that April. Inspiration for our company's name springs from the nymph "Echo" of Greek mythology; cursed to forever repeat the words of others, never speaking for herself. Because women playwrights are not heard on world stages as often as their male colleagues, Echo Theatre only produces plays written by women. The plays we present are as different as the women who write them, so you’ll enjoy a variety of entertainment. We're proud to specialize in women's work.

Pam Myers-Morgan hit the Dallas theater scene in 1992 and served as Artistic Administrator at the Dallas Theater Center, where she organized the internship program and coordinated local casting. She co-founded Echo Theatre in 1997 and served as a key Producing Partner for 13 seasons. Her directing projects with Echo include HIGH DIVE, RUINED, THE ECHO ROOM PRESENTS: HER SONG, BIBLE WOMEN, WELL, THE NIBROC TRILOGY (DFW Critics Forum Award, Best Director 2009), AMERICAN CASSANDRA, COCO & GIGI, OIL! (a staged reading with Tyne Daly), THE LADIES OF THE CAMELLIAS (DFW Critics Forum Award, Best Director 2007) and GOBLIN MARKET (Rabin Nomination for Best Director). She has also directed for Dallas Theater Center, Dallas Children’s Theatre, Wingspan Theatre, and Southern Methodist University. Local acting credits include the world premiere of WEDDING BELLES for One-Thirty Productions, and OFF THE MAP (Rabin Nomination, Best Supporting Actress) and FEFU AND HER FRIENDS with Echo. Pam is a noted Sound Designer with multiple productions on her resume. While an adjunct professor at Mountain View College, Pam taught Film Appreciation, Fine Arts Appreciation, Introduction to Theater, and Voice and Articulation, among others. She holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Directing from the University of Virginia. She currently resides in New England with her husband.


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