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Echo Theatre expresses our humble appreciation and profound respect to all the exquisite voices who contributed to the Big Shout Out special project #writenow. We encourage you all to continue raising your voices to shed light both on the injustices as well as the beauty you see in the world. 

In the spirit of the #metoo and #timesup movements, Echo Theatre sought diverse voices that presented creative, unique, and even unexpected takes on the sexual harassment issue crippling society. These voices were developed into a performance project with a world premiere in 2019 in Dallas, Texas.

Writers were told: the length of the piece may impact our ability to include it in the production simply due to length and not content or quality.

Rules and Regulations for the Contest

Entrants were to...

 1. be female or identify as a female.

 2. include resume with submission.

 3. monologue not to exceed 10 minutes.


The hard deadline for submissions was midnight August 15, 2018.

Playwrights of monologues selected for the Big Shout Out Special Project,

#writenow, received a $100 performance fee.

The Project...

Raw. True. Impactful.
Voices of #MeToo
a n   E c h o   T h e a t r e   o r i g i n a l
Curated and Directed by Kateri Cale
Performed by:

Jeliannys Acevedo

 Whitney LaTrice Coulter

Angela Davis*

Elly Lindsay*

Alle Malia Mims


*Member Actors’ Equity Association

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash.jpg

In the spirit of the #metoo and #timesup movements, Echo Theatre has created a compelling new work distilled from diverse female stories on sexual harassment.

(Trigger Warning:

Acts against women.)

An Echo Theatre Original.
Winning Writers:

#MeToo - Song and music video

by Germaine Shames

Moonflower's Story by Isabella Russell-Ides

Since I Was 12 by Lesley Moreau

Easter Sunday by Jill Brady

I Thank My Lucky Stars by Mara Dresner

Oxygen Thief by Emily Hageman

Come Here by Christy Brothers

Walking Home by Marj O'Neill-Butler

#NotMe by Gwen K. Adams

She Said by Donna Latham

The Woman in the Black Body by

Aadrise Johnson

Meeting Myself by Christine Emmert 

5th Grade by Tristan Young Mercado

Two Girls by Allie Costa



The Wild Detectives / Oak Cliff

6:00-10:00pm - Selected monologues from HEAR ME were presented during this festival celebrating the power of local female creatives in a free evening of performances.

Combines word / art / dance / music / theater, followed by a burning ceremony and community drumming circle. 

FREE!!! Donations accepted.




Bath House Cultural Center / White Rock Lake

7:30-8:30pm - Full script of the HEAR ME, winning #MeToo monologues were presented in a Staged Performance Reading.

Come for the Reading.

Stay for the Discussion.

Talk Back with audience and creatives follows. Be a Part of the Art!


FREE!!! Donations Accepted.

If you are interested in booking this one-hour production at your venue, contact the producers at

We are pleased to also recognize our Finalist Honorees:

#maybe by Anonymous

Angela by Amy Tofte

Antagonist by Elizabeth Suzanne

Ball and Chain by D. Lee Miller

The Caretaker by Julia Pascal

Fenix by Diana Burbano

The Flower Farthest from the Path by Amy Oestreicher

Happy Ending by Lucy Wang

Here I Am by Bethany Burnside

I Don't Have To Think About It by Donna Kaz

I'll Tell You a Story by Amy Oestreicher

Just a Kid by Marla Porter

La Chingada by Elizabeth Isela Szekeresh

My Me Too by Sandra de Helen

Pussy Grabber by Gina Femia

The Stories We Tell Ourselves by Lindsay Hayward

The Troy of Helen by Elizabeth M. Kelly

Vilmar, It Was Me by Margie Pignataro

The Writer by Katherine Burkman

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