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TICKETS ON SALE NOW! - the Winner of
Echo Theatre's BIG SHOUT OUT 3

International New Play Contest for Women+ Playwrights
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Society has collapsed. In its wisdom, the U.S. Government has tasked 5 middle school girls with rewriting the Constitution for the new world.

But, like... has anybody even read the Constitution?  ALLIANCES form and break as these young ladies struggle with grief, power, and what it means to grow up in a broken democracy.

Tickets on Sale HERE!

Pay-What-You-Can Preview: Thursday, September 15, 7:30pm

Email to reserve

Preview seats then pay at the door. ($10 minimum suggested.)

Runs: September 16-October 8, 2022
Thu @ 7:30pm / Fri & Sat @ 8pm / Sat Mat @ 2pm
Mainstage at the Bath House Cultural Center


Lauren Floyd..........GILLIAN

Hadley Shipley.......IMOGEN

Caitlin Chapa.........NICOLE

Rickeya Jones.......TABITHA

Kristen Lazarchick...WINNIE

and Allyn Carrell as


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