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General Auditions 2022

Live, In-Person Auditions: Sunday, May 1, 2022.

NOW Casting for fall show & echo reads
Full Staging of The Winning Play and Readings of Finalist Honorees from Echo Theatre's Big Shout Out 3 New Play Contest.

Slots available from 11:30-4:30pm
at the Bath House Cultural Center

Auditions will be Sides from our season shows. See below for Sides and Play Descriptions.
Video Auditions are accepted. Submit by: 11:59pm, April 30.

There are no Equity contracts available for the 2022 Season, but we strongly encourage AEA members
to submit your headshot and resume to for future seasons.

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Download Audition Form here >>>>>


Echo Theatre is a professional, non-profit theater dedicated to producing works by women+ playwrights.  For our 24th Season, we're casting for Echo Reads (six live staged readings from May through July) and our Fall Main Stage (August 1 - October 9).  

Echo Theatre will be following all CDC and Dallas County HHS recommendations and precautions for the health and safety of our artists and audience. At this time, we are requiring proof of vaccination for all of our creatives.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled audition slot to fill out preliminary paperwork.  Please also bring your vaccination card and two copies of your headshot and resume. If you are interested in more than one role, please read your favorite two sides during the audition, and we will consider you for all roles (as listed on your audition form).

Echo is committed to giving opportunities to performers of all backgrounds, ages, abilities, and ethnicities.  We strongly encourage BIPOC and LBGTQ+ actors to audition.

Already booked a slot? You can change your sign up.

Echo's Fall Mainstage Production: Winner of the BIG SHOUT OUT 3 New Play Contest!

Founders, Keepers
by Aurora Behlke

Bath House Cultural Center


Directed by Caroline Hamilton

Society has collapsed and 5 middle school girls are tasked with rewriting the Constitution for the new world. But like...has anybody even read the Constitution?  Friendships form and break as these young ladies struggle with grief, power, and what it means to grow up in a broken democracy.  And we're all going to stay friends after this...right?  Actors of any age will be considered for casting.

  • 2 Women or non-binary actors of Color

  • 4 Women or non-binary actors of any race

  • 1 Woman or non-binary actor of any race, aged 40+


Rehearsals: August 1 - 5 & August 29 - September 15
Performances: September 15 – October 9

All actors will receive an artistic stipend.

Download Audition sides here >>>>>

.05 FIRST DRAFT 2021 - Full Cast reading FRANCES FANE IN SAN FRANCISCO.jpg

Echo Reads Summer Festival of performance readings:

Tuesdays at Bath House Cultural Center:
May 10
May 24
June 14
June 28
July 12
July 26


Wednesdays at
Great Venue
Partners Around

May 11   S. Dallas Cultural Center
May 25   Trinity River Arts Center
June 15  Wild Detectives
June 29  Bishop Lynch H.S.
July 13   Ozona's Bar and Grill
July 27   Latino Cultural Center


Echo Reads is a six-play, staged reading series that aims to make plays by women+ playwrights accessible to all by presenting free, casual readings followed by Audience Talkbacks.

Echo Reads 2022 will be produced from May to July, with readings of 2 different plays scheduled each month. All six plays will have one reading at our home venue, the Bath House Cultural Center, followed by a 2nd reading at a Venue Partner in a different neighborhood of Dallas.  Rehearsals are typically scheduled in the week prior to the performance.  Performance dates are non-negotiable.  Though actors are not required to attend the audience Talk Back, they are welcome to participate.  Each actor will receive an artistic stipend of $75.

            15 Women (1 role specifically for a trans woman)
              4 Men (1 role specifically for a trans man)
              1 Non-binary actor
              1 Any gender


To be scheduled by the director once the reading is cast. Please note that each reading will have 8-11hrs of rehearsal the week prior to performance.

TOMORROW GAME by Brandy N. Carie
directed by Eric Berg


Clean drinking water is not a thing anymore.  Clean air is not a thing anymore.  Infrastructure is gone, order is mythic, and no one believes that help is coming.  Roe lives in isolation, with nothing but a collection of canned food and a solitary Bible.  Until she meets Bell.  Bell shows Roe a game: take off your mask and see if you can breathe. Try this vegetable, see if you wake up. Read a poem. Do more than just not-die.  But friendship can prove more dangerous than isolation.

Winner, Harold and Mimi Steinberg National Student Playwriting Award 2019


ROE – Woman, 20-50, any race. Physically imposing. Not chatty but she is paying attention. Instinctive, careful. Athletes are not a thing anymore. Strong but only sometimes tough. A bad liar. Lonesome.

BELL – Woman, 20-50, any race. Small. Whip smart but careful not to show it off. Gifted is not a thing anymore. Calculating but also sometimes impulsive. Tough but not that strong. A good liar. Lonesome.


Rehearsals: 8-11 hours of rehearsal to be scheduled between 5/4 -5/9
Performance Readings:

May 10th, Bath House Cultural Center
May 11th, South Dallas Cultural Center

FOR THE PEOPLE by Carol Mullen

directed by Gloria Vivica Benavides

Pittsburgh City Councilor Meg Cabot is the first openly lesbian elected official in Pennsylvania. She’s less than a month into her first term when a vicious hate crime targeting the city’s Lesbian and Gay Community Center puts Meg in the middle of a media maelstrom. But this tragedy leads to new national visibility and Meg’s rising star catches the attention of Democratic Party leaders.  With her hard-driving chief of staff steering her toward a once-in-a-lifetime professional opportunity, Meg decides how far she’ll go to advance her career and whether it’s possible to be both a successful politician and a good person.

Winner, Plays in Progress Series, Athena Project, 2022

Winner, Detroit New Works Festival, Outvisible Theatre, 2019


Meg Cabot: early-mid 30s, Pittsburgh City Councilperson

Nicole Ramsey: early-mid 30s, Meg’s Chief of Staff

Emilia Del Vecchio: early-mid 30s, Asst Director, Lesbian and Gay Community Center

Ronnie Hodges: early-mid 60s, Director, Lesbian and Gay Community Center

Jennifer Grant: mid-20s, girlfriend of shooting victim Shelby Towson


Rehearsals: 8-11 hours of rehearsal to be scheduled between 5/20 -5/23
Performance Readings:

May 24th, Bath House Cultural Center
May 25th, Trinity River Arts Center

THOSE HOLLOW BODIES by emma joy hill
directed by Hayley Shipley


In the jungle, K and Ann struggle to find what it means to be full. Meanwhile, the voyeuristic Man gorges himself in the audience, awaiting the impending danger he's bound to commit. A play that explores how bodies are taught to love.


ANN – woman, teens-20s, any race. Inexperienced. Plays the cello. Shoes untied.

K – woman, 20s-40s, any race. Used to play an instrument. Wears a blazer. Nothing underneath.

MAN – man, 20s-50s, any race. A thief with a Tuba. Wears something yellow. Is always eating something very messy.


Rehearsals: 8-11 hours of rehearsal to be scheduled between 6/6 -6/13
Performance Readings:

June 14th, Bath House Cultural Center
June 15th, Wild Detectives

SLEEP/WAKE by Yael Haskal
directed by Katie Ibrahim


Miriam’s husband is dead; stabbed to death.  Did Miriam consciously kill her husband or was she sleep walking? Alice, a high school student struggling with her own dissociative episodes, becomes obsessed with Miriam’s case while studying it for her psychology project with a classmate, Henry.  A feminist study in dissociation, portraiture, and the latent power of the supine woman.


ALICE, 16-17, a high school student. She is young. She doesn’t know what to wear. She has always felt that her place in the universe is tenuous.

MARGOT, 16-17, Alice’s best friend. Has been known to overdose on emotion. She wants to want.

HENRY, 16-17, Alice’s classmate. Dying to keep everybody laughing. He’s among the “Someone”s but isn’t sure he is one.

MIRIAM, 30s-40s, statuesque. A housewife by day and lucid dreamer by night.


Rehearsals: 8-11hours of rehearsal to be scheduled between 6/20-6/27
Performance Readings:

June 28th, Bath House Cultural Center
June 29th, Bishop Lynch High School

directed by Mikaela Brooks


Sisters Josephine and Henrietta use witchcraft to create a new sister for their family - Daisy Violet, who will take the blame for all of their misdeeds and dirty dresses.  Gleeful, monstrous, and very hungry, Daisy Violet is rejected by the adults surrounding the sisters and becomes increasingly violent and ravenous.  As adults, the sisters look back on their childhood and come to realize that their memories may not be as reliable as they once thought.  A play about sisterhood, the malleability of memory, and an explosion of beauty products. Winner, Modern Works Festival, Urbanite Theatre, 2019


JOSEPHINE – Teens-30s, any race. Older sister of Henrietta. A child in act one, an adult in act two.

HENRIETTA – Teens-30s, any race. Younger sister of Josephine. A child in act one, an adult in act two.

DAISY VIOLET – Teens-30s, any race. Sister of Henrietta and Josephine. A monster. Speaks in dactyls.

THE ADULT – 30s-70s, any race. a shape-shifting Adult (or a series of adults) saying oppressive things and facing consequences...


Rehearsals: 8-11hours of rehearsal to be scheduled between 7/5 -7/11
Performance Readings:

July 12th, Bath House Cultural Center

July 13th, Ozona’s Bar and Grill

FROZEN FLUID: An Antarctic Gender Non-Conforming Creation Myth by Fly Jamerson
directed by Chris Sanders


Somewhere in Mythic Antarctica, three scientists live and conduct research out on the ice, continuously becoming and unbecoming themselves as they play out the creation of the world. Through a series of fables, Frozen Fluid chronicles the arrival of phytoplankton scientist Tay and the unraveling of the fantastic Antarctic world in which they find themselves. Together, the scientists construct and deconstruct notions of gender, identity, religion, climate, and time itself.


TAY – 20s-30s, AFAB non-binary, any race. A scientist specializing in Phytoplankton, the newest addition to the team.

HERMAN – 20s-40s, trans man, any race. A scientist specializing in Glacier Disintegration.

TERRA – 20s-40s, trans woman, any race. A scientist specializing in Whales, also a Remote Sunday School Teacher.


Rehearsals: 8-11 hours of rehearsal to be scheduled between 7/18 -7/25
Performance Readings:

July 26th, Bath House Cultural Center
July 27th, Latino Cultural Center


If you are unable to attend in person auditions, you may submit a video audition instead.  Please email your headshot and resume to to receive a Dropbox upload link.  In the body of your email, please list all plays/roles you would like to be considered for and any known conflicts from May 1st through October 9th.  Please label your files:  FirstName_LastName_FileType.

Example: Jane_Doe_Resume.pdf, Jane_Doe_Headshot.jpeg, etc.

Please record your video(s) according to Echo’s Video Submission Guidelines below. If you are interested in multiple plays, please submit separate videos for each play. You will be considered for every play/role which you listed in your email, even if you don’t record a side for that character.  Please upload your audition video(s) to the Dropbox link as a .mp4 or .mov file labeled: FirstName_LastName_ShowName.

Example: Jane_Doe_PlayTitle Side1.mp4, Jane_Doe_PlayTitle Side, etc.

You may submit Video Auditions from Monday April 25th until 11:59pm Saturday, April 30th.

If you have any additional questions or technical difficulties, please reach out to and allow one business day for a reply. The Video Submission Guidelines are available below:



  • Record in front of a well-lit, neutral background in a quiet space.  Please frame in a ¾ or full body shot.  You will not be judged on production quality, we just need to be able to clearly see and hear your audition.

  • DO NOT INCLUDE TITLE CARDS. Instead, please slate in front of your audition: state your name, height, the roles, and the name of the production you are reading for.

  • ex. “Hello, my name is ___ and I am _’ __”.  I will be reading for ____ in ____.”

  • If you are reading two sides, please record them separately and slate for each one.

  • Please format your video as an .mp4 or .mov file using the following specifications:

    • Under 100MB, 640x840 VGA

    • Compression: H.264

    • Compressor Quality: High

    • Sound Format: AAC

  • Label each audition video: FirstName_LastName_SideTitle. Then, upload to the Dropbox link you received from

  • ex. Jane_Doe_PlayTitle Side1.mp4, Jane_Doe_PlayTitle Side, etc


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