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An insurance agent, a gun, and a tornado
walk into a basement. It’s a comedy…until it isn’t.

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With regret, and due to circumstances beyond our control, Leslie Patrick will be unable to perform on Friday, May 12.

Insurance agents aren’t supposed to be funny, but what can you do except crack jokes when you’re trapped in your basement with a gun and an impending tornado? Based on Hamlet's “To be or not to be,” Natural Shocks is a 60-minute, one-woman tour-de-force that bursts to life through Angela, a fast-talking woman filled with mostly-true stories about her mother, her husband, and how likely you are to actually die in a tornado. The play is part confessional, part stand up, part reckoning, and spirals towards a conclusion you’ll never forget.

Trigger warnings: Language, blood, gun violence,

and discussion of domestic violence.


Bath House Cultural Center / 521 E Lawther Dr, Dallas, TX 75218

May 04, Thursday - PWYC Preview 7:30pm

May 05, Friday - OPENING NIGHT 8:00pm

May 06, Saturday - Curtain 8:00pm

May 07, Sunday – Curtain 2:30pm / Talkback

May 11, Thursday - Curtain 7:30pm / Talkback

May 12, Friday - Curtain 8:00pm / Understudy Show

May 13, Saturday - Matinee 2:30 / Talkback

May 13, Saturday – Closing Night 8:00pm

Natural Shocks Understudy Performance date is Friday, May 12.

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